CH Krishna's Eddington of Sabra, JH, CDX, WC,VC, OS

(CH. Bruwin's Geauxlden Buddy, OS X Krishna Tawa Karisma, OD)


PalmerPalmer Anyone who knows me knows what this dog meant and means to me. My beloved "Palmer" , my destiny dog. Obtained as a baby from Gloria Kerr and Susan Rubin, this dog could do it all. He became a champion in the hands of a complete novice owner handler, broke the window out of my car to get birds on one of his first field training expeditions, was my superlative obedience clown. He produced as good as he was, had many multitalented kids, including my peerless Sinclair. I adored him, he was with me through much of life's happiness and tragedies. He died at age 12 1/2 from splenic hemagiosarcoma, but not before he brought me more joy than any dog of my life. I'll miss him until we meet again.

Palmer was OFA fair (GR-43174F73M), PennHIP 0.35/0.37 (90th percentile), and final CERF (GR-10844) was done at nine years of age. He predated cardiac and elbow clearances.

Palmer's pedigree can be seen here.

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